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The Bodhi Project

Exploring the business side of creativity, together.

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About Us

The Bodhi Project is here to take you on a journey creating the life you want while creating a solid community of like-minded people. Whether you have been at this for years or you're still thinking about it, we're here to support you. By sharing what we've learned on our personal entrepreneurial journey and gaining advice from others in the community, we're hoping to help and inspire. Our goal is to grow with our audience and become a platform that they can depend on for valuable resources that will move them forward. Coming Soon!

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Harlem Lennox

I read self-help books and look up inspirational quotes like my life depends on it. Reading them feels life I have my own personal hype woman in my head, cheering me on when motivation is lacking as it does from time to time.


One amazing book I read, actually I listened to, was Marie Forleo's book, "Everything Is Figureoutable." I can tell you right now that is a book to get your hands on. Anyway, not only is the book full of realistic inspiration but she was the first person to give a name to what I conside myself. I am a "Multipassionate Entrepreneurs." The only time I like putting things in a box is when I am packing or packaging something. I do a lot of things. And I am not a Jack of all trades master of known. Nope. I put hardwork into everything I do. 

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Erika Rae

Erika Rae is a self taught jewelry designer of 4 years with a background in sewing and design. She has worked as a freelance seamstress for various local clothing lines and also has experience as a curator in an early venture called  “Schooled Vintage” where she and a partner sold carefully selected vintage children’s and educational items. 


In 2019 she created her brand “Create or Conform” where she creates handmade jewelry inspired by a modern afrocentric style along with thought provoking t-shirt designs that promote knowledge of our history and pride in womanhood. 


She has a passion for the art of making and encouraging others to achieve success by becoming self-sufficient in their business.

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