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Our Team Members


Abigail Esmena

Actor. Entrepreneur

Abigail (Abi) Esmena was featured on the "Doing the @#$% Thang" episode that aired 09/21/2020.


Jaja Smith

Actor. Filmmaker.

Jaja Smith was featured on the "Going With His Flow" episode that aired 10/05/2020.


Lynn Childress

Playwright. Actor. Director. Etc.

Lynn Childress is an absolutely amazing addition to the creative world. Her work is vitally important right now as well as for future generations. Lynn Childress was featured on the "The Kids Are Alright with Lynn Childress" episode that aired 03/08/2021.


Cherry Mendoza

Actress. Singer. Model

Cherry was featured on the Episode titled "Proud To Be A Creative Weirdo" which aired on 04/05/2021.


Jennifer Jackson

Actor. Model. Entrepreneur

Jennifer (Jen) Jackson was featured on the "Soulfully Creative" airing 12/28/2020 and "We Need You" Episodes that aired 01/11/2021.


Maria Seda-Reeder

Curator, writer, and contemporary art lecturer

Maria Seda-Reeder was an interviewee feature on the podcast Episode titled "Maria Seda-Reeder: A Teachable Moment" which aired on 06/01/2021.


Emily Moores

Visual Artist

Emily is a Visual Artist that is featured on the Living and Creating in the Moment that aired on 11/02/2020.


Jon Marcantoni

Writer and Entrepreneur

Jon Marcantoni was featured on the "Truth Bombs" episode of Harlem With A With that aired on 02/08/2021.


Patrina Randolph

Playwriter and Entrepreneur

Patrina Randolph was featured on "Learning As You Grow" episode of Harlem With A View that aired on 01/25/2021.


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